What are the different prices levels you mention on your pricing page?

We have 3 levels of pricing:

  • Basic price is for any customer who will directly register, renew or transfer a domain with us by paying directly through World Pay, Skrill or Paypal.


  • Domain Investor pricing is for customers who have more than 500 domains with us. (Paid only by wire transfer)


  • You can qualify for Wire Only pricing by just adding prepaid funds through a Wire Transfer. While there is no need of minimum balance to be kept in your account, make sure your wire payment is of at least USD 250.00. Because these payments have to be manually handled and we might introduce fees on smaller payments.

    If you wish to send your money through Wire Transfer, please login to your account, click on the button 'My Account', click on 'Add Funds', in the text box you see, please add the amount you wish to send us through Wire transfer, and on the payments page, please select the option for Wire Transfer, and you will get a code which you need to reference while sending the payment and also our bank account details.