How to add my VAT ID on receipts?

Explore how to do this via our Customer Guide


You can add your VAT ID to your billing details, and once that's done it will appear on future invoices.

To add your VAT ID,

- Please login to your account and click on 'My Account', then 'Manage Billing Details'.

- You need to change the legal entity type to one of the below,

Company outside EU VAT zone - not subject to VAT 0%
Company inside EU VAT zone - not subject to VAT 0%
Company in United Kingdom - subject to VAT 20%

Once you select this the VAT section will pop out below where you can add the VAT number.

- You can add, edit the billing details here along with your VAT ID.

- You can also use multiple billing details, and select a default address which will used for the invoice issued.