Subaccounts - What is new?

New Moniker provides a much more powerful Subaccount system. 

You can now create basically a fully fledged account which is tied to your main account but has the same permissions. This was not possible before. This is great if you share the account with a partner. 


We also overhauled the permission system, you can now very granulary define what a Subaccount can and cannot do.
So for example, it is now possible to create an account which can only modify dns settings for a select subset of domains, this can be useful if you want to grant access for your webmaster.
Or you can create an account for your billing team, this account can only renew domains and handle payments. 


The permissions you can turn on or off include but are not limited to:

  • Update whois (domain contact) details
  • Update DNS List
  • Configure URL Forwarding
  • Configure Email Forwarding
  • Change auto-renewal flag
  • Cancel transfer
  • Resend initial authorization email for transfers
  • Setup hosts (nameservers)
  • Push domains
  • Lock/unlock domains
  • See/update EPP Auth Info
  • Configure DNS records
  • Enable/disable private whois
  • Change tag (for .uk domains only)
  • Change DNSSEC settings
  • Web hosting management


Depending on the selected permissions, the Subaccount will log in using their own login details and see any delegated domains in their account. This could be staff members for example.

For any domain the Subaccount sees, they will be able to manage and make changes providing they have the correct permissions to do so.