How Invoices Differ at the Upgraded Moniker.

How Invoices Differ at the Upgraded Moniker.

After your Moniker account has been upgraded, you will see a improvement in our invoicing system. This article explains what has changed.


Previously, we would issue an invoice 10 days before the payment was due regardless of the payment method or auto renewal status of the product. This was an open invoice that was closed after the payment was received.



With our upgraded system, we will no longer generate invoices 10 days ahead of time. We now generate an invoice when you try to make a payment - when we try to auto renew a domain or service based on your instructions or when you initiate a payment manually.  That's all that is different.

You can find paid invoices in your Account under the Account >> Invoices menu. In case of a payment failure, we email you a link to the invoice.



NOTE: After your account has been upgraded you may see some open legacy invoices, please disregard these as they will be automatically canceled by our system.