What’s the difference between moniker.com and legacy.moniker.com ?

We upgraded our website and platform on 28th May 2024. A large number of our customer accounts have been upgraded to our new platform, but some will be upgraded in the upcoming weeks and months.

  • Moniker.com can be used to access the new website and the upgraded platform. This can be used only by customers that have been upgraded
  • Legacy.moniker.com: This points to our legacy website and can be used by customers that have not yet been upgraded to the new platform.
    Once your account has been upgraded (you’ll receive details and confirmation over email), you can start using moniker.com

  • All customers can login to their Moniker account from Moniker.com/en/login. You’ll automatically be taken to the appropriate version of the platform based on if your account has been upgraded or not.

We are in the process of upgrading all users to the new platform. Until then, both domains will operate simultaneously to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service for everyone.