Login into Moniker


Under https://login.moniker.com/login you can login into your account with Moniker.

  • To be able to login you need your 8-digit customer ID or email address and your password.
  • Our system will check if the login request comes from the same country as the one provided in the account details under USER-ACCOUNT.
  • In case the login is not from that country, an auth code will be created and sent via e-mail to the account e-mail address on file.
  • To be able to login into your Moniker account it will be mandatory to submit that auth code along with the login request.

Please note:

In case you submit the wrong auth code 5 times, your account will be blocked for the next 30 minutes.


Account settings

Further options can be adjusted in your customer account in the account settings in the security section.

By clicking on your customer ID above right, you can go to the account settings.

In the security tab you can choose the authentication type.


Authentication types

You can choose between the following authentication types:

  • Two-factor authentication via mobile app
  • Authentication via e-mail prior to login
  • Authentication via e-mail prior to login if the attempt to login comes from a country which is different from the account country (default setting). If you visit different countries often, you can add these countries so no additional auth code is needed to login.
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