Can I pay via PayPal?

It is possible to pay using PayPal. Please proceed as follows:

  • Click on your customer ID (top right).
  • Select Payment method.
  • Click on Invoices in the PayPal field.
  • To execute the Paypal payment select the corresponding invoice(s).
  • You will be forwarded to the PayPal page and can authorize your payment after login.
  • A PayPal payment to Moniker must be processed in the manner described above, oherwise a correct assignment of the payment is not possible.




Please note:

The minimum for PayPal payments to Moniker is US$10.00
The maximum for PayPal payments to Moniker is US$1,300.00
Overpaid amounts will be automatically credited to your account balance.
Priority in payments will always be given to an available account balance.

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