How can I order a SSL certificate?

image_manager__main_content_full_ssl-overview.pngOrder Procedure

The purchase process of a SSL certificate is divided into several steps:

  1. Order of a SSL certificate
  2. Configuration and submission of the certificate to the issuer
  3. Validation of the certificate


1. Ordering the certificate

You can either click on SSL in the menu on the left hand side or on the Add Products button.

If you do not have a certificate yet, you will see an overview of the available certificates.




Select certificate

If you have chosen a certifcate, it will be added to the shopping cart.

Please click on the shopping cart icon to enter your shopping cart.




In the shopping cart

In the shopping cart you can:

- agree to our terms and conditions
- choose the runtime of the certificate
- and click on "order now"



2. Configuration and transmission of the CSR file to the issuer

Once you have ordered the certificate, it will be displayed under the menu item SSL.

Please select the certificate.

The assistant will guide you through the configuration of the certificate in 6 steps.


- Please enter the CSR previously created with your server


- Please select the approver e-mail for confirmation


- Create existing contact or create new contact


- Select contact


- Select hash algorithm


- Select server type


Now a summary of the configuration is shown.

If everything is correct, click on Save to submit the configuration to the issuer.


3. Validation of the certificate

If the order has been successfully submitted, your certificate will be listed under the menu item SSL with the status "Order in progress".


Completed validation

  • If the validation has been successfully completed, the SSL certificate is listed with the status Active.
  • If the validation fails you will receive an e-mail and the certificate will be listed with the status Failed.

    - In this case, you will have to reconfigure the certificate and submit the configuration again.
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