Can I prevent the visual display of my Whois information? (Privacy Protection)

We submit your Whois data to the respective registry. This is a basic requirement for a successful domain registration.

It is at the discretion of the registry whether and in what form the data is published and displayed.

  • For some TLDs (e.g. .it) it is possible to specify if the information shall be published or not when registering a domain. However, this is the exception.
  • For some TLDs, it is possible to use a trustee service or to hide data from public view (whois privacy).
  • A trustee service replaces only one contact and is not comparable with a privacy protection.

However, it must still be guaranteed that it is possible to contact the domain owner via the information displayed in the Whois. The activation of the Whois Privacy Protection (Whois Proxy Service) is liable to costs.


Activation of Whois Privacy Protection

To enable the Privacy Protection for a domain please proceed as follows:

Go to the menu and select Domains - My domains. Then click on the domain for which you want to enable the Privacy Protection Service.


  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • If the service is available for the respective domain you can turn on the button in the section Security.
  • Please click Save changes to finish.




Please note:

Since this service is liable to costs, you will find an order in your shopping cart that must be explicitly confirmed. You will receive an invoice and the desired changes will me made after the receipt of payment.

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