Connect your domain to Wix

Change nameservers of your domain

In order to connect your Moniker domain to Wix you will need to add Wix’s nameservers to your domain.

To change the nameservers please do the following:

  • From your My Domains list make a right click on the domain you would like to update
  • Select Nameservers
  • Switch the Nameserver Type to External Nameservers
  • Enter the nameservers – and into the empty fields, one per field
  • Execute

You are done!

Please note that it might take up to 24 hours for your domain's new DNS settings to propagate worldwide.



Please note that if you change nameservers on your domain, other already configured services will go down!
In case you are already using other services, e.g. Email hosting on your domain, please contact Support!

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