How and where can I enter the IP address (A record) of my web-server?

Select domain

To store an IN A or IN AAAA record, log in to your Moniker account.

First click on Domains -> My domains on the left and then in the overview directly on the respective domain.



Enter web server IP address

If your domain uses the Moniker standard or our white label name servers, you can configure the DNS of your domain via the Moniker customer account.


Edit domain

In the DNS settings, click on the Edit button behind the domain name.




In the section web settings please select the option link with IP. Please enter the IP address of the web server. By choosing Add you can insert additional lines for IP addresses if required. Save your settings.


Please note

There is only a syntax check. Functionality and accessibility of the IP address are not checked.

"Round Robin" is a simple load balancing technique for network services based on the DNS. If you have entered several IP addresses, the DNS server always returns all IP addresses entered, but in alternating order. For example, the first request is answered with [,,] and the second with [,,] etc.

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