How to set up cPanel

After you have ordered and pay for the cPanel you will have to set up your cPanel controllers.

Click on Activate account, a wizard will appear, click on next.

Use AutoDNS if you use our nameservers and your domain is managed by us.

If you would like to use an external domain, or configure the DNS yourself, please select "configure DNS yourself."

Choose your primary domain to use with your cPanel (Cannot be changed later).

  • Select web and email
  • Enter your password
  • Select location of hosting, choose closest location to you.

If all is OK, accept the installation.

From the left menu click on Hosting → cPanel.

You can login into cPanel by clicking on the orange "Login" button after cPanel has been activated.

We understand emails are of critical importance so here is a tool that helps you copy your emails from our legacy hosting to cPanel Hosting:

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