How can I initiate a domain transfer?

Initiate transfer

Please follow the steps described below in order to initiate a domain transfer to Moniker:

  • Login into your account with Moniker.
  • Chose the Transfer to Moniker widget on the dashboard.
  1. Type the domains you want to transfer into the transfer box (one domain per line, without www.), where required, you can also enter the authorization code after the domain name, separated with a space.
  2. Click on the Transfer to Moniker button.



Shortly after, you get the results of the check:

  • If the domain is available for transfer, it will be transferred directly to the shopping cart. In the shopping cart you receive further information regarding the price, term and any additional information you may need, such as authcodes, new contact details etc.
  • If the domain is not available, you will receive a corresponding notification.

If the domain is not available for a transfer, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • An active transfer block is set and the domain is not free for transfer.
  • The domain is blocked within the 60 days after registration or transfer (depending on the TLD).



Shopping cart

More information is requested in the shopping cart if necessary for registration.

In this case a notice will be displayed in the column Status und you will get more details by clicking on the corresponding symbol.

If a transfer is liable to costs or if the registration period is extended during the transfer, the price (net) is displayed here.

Consent to our terms and conditions.

Click Buy now to initiate the transfer.


image_manager__main_content_full_basket-transfer_1.jpg, uk and other Nominet domains


If you want to transfer a or other Nominet domain to moniker, you need to change the IPS or registrar tag of the domain to "KEY-SYSTEMS-DE" before you start the transfer on our side.


Transfer out

If you want to transfer a domain away from Moniker to another provider, ask the new provider how to initiate the transfer.
You can prepare the domain for transfer by following the instrustions here:

If you want to transfer a domain to another Moniker customer please use the domainpush feature:

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