How can I configure an e-mail forwarding?

Setting up pure e-mail forwarding

Please click in the section Domains -> My domains.



Configuration e-mail forwarding

In the DNS settings, please click on the edit button behind the domain name.


Under Mail settings activate Redirect.

At source please enter the alias (the part before "@") of the e-mail address from which you want to forward the message.
If necessary, you can also use a wildcard (*) as an e-mail alias for the local e-mail address. The domain name ( the part after the "@") for the e-mail address to be forwarded is fixed.
At destination please enter the (complete) target e-mail address. Finally click the button save.



Please note

There is merely a syntax check - the functionality or reach-ability of the destination e-mail address is not tested.



The maximum file size for attachments is 50MB.

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