Dynamic DNS

The Dynamic DNS feature allows you to automatically update dynamic IP addresses of all domains registered in your account.

Most routers or modems support automatic DNS updates in case the local IP address changes.

By configuring the DynamicDNS URL, this process can be automated with every registered domain name.

Dynamic update is made via HTTP.

After you have logged into your account, click on Domains - My domains and choose the domain for that you want to use Dynamic DNS.



Select the DynamicDNS tab and click on the Add Dynamic DNS to Subdomain button.


In the following dialog window, please enter the name of the subdomain to be used for the dynamic update, insert or generate a password and click on Add.



You will then find the subdomain under the DynamicDNS tab and can deactivate the function or set a new password if necessary.

To activate the DynamicDNS host, you must call the following HTTP APIs:

or if an IP must be specified

https://dynamicdns.key-systems.net/update.php?hostname=hostname&password=password&ip=213. x. x. x. x&mx=213. x. x. x. x


The subdomain used for DynamicDNS is also displayed directly in the domain configuration, but here it is marked clearly with the intended use.


Update interval

The DynDNS can be updated once every 30 minutes.

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