Where can I renew my domain?

Basically, renewals can only be processed if we receive the corresponding payment in time.

If you have configured an automatic payment method for your Moniker account (such as direct debit or credit card), the domains will be renewed automatically unless you select another option in your account.

This applies also to a positive account balance that is sufficient for a successful renewal.

All domains and products are set to automatic renewal per default.

Please note: It is only necessary to change the renewal option if you want to modify the renewal period or if you want to delete the domain.

Many domains can be registered or renewed for more than 1 year (between 1 and 10 years) via your Moniker customer account.

However, there are exceptions - depending on the TLD. The available renewal options may vary:

  • A .com Domain can be renewed for several years - at any time, also during the current registration period.
  • Whereas .de domains can only be renewed for one year at the expiration date.


To see all available renewal options please proceed as follows:

- Login into your account
- Select the corresponding domain under Domains - My domains
- An overview shows the current renewal option



Change renewal option

Select the Advanced tab and choose the desired renewal option

To save the changes click the Save button.



Renewal Options

The following renewal options are available:

  • 1 year at expiration $ X.XX (default, automatic renewal at expiration date; longer registration periods are available depending on the TLD)
  • Renew immediately (availability and registration periods depending on the TLD)
  • Delete at expiration


Please note:

After the renewal option was successfully updated, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Per default the renewal option is 1 year at expiration. If you want to renew your domain each year, you don`t have to change the settings.

Changing the renewal option is not equivalent to a renewal of the registration period of a domain. That will be effected after invoicing and receipt of payment

As soon as we receive your payment for an open renewal invoice or if your account balance is sufficient, the renewal will be effected and you receive an confirmation email.

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