How and where can I enter a CNAME entry?

What is a CNAME record?

A CNAME record or CNAME resource record (CNAME RR) can be used in DNS to pass a name to another name without specifying an IP address.

Through your Moniker configuration interface CNAME records can only be created for subdomains (such as www.).



To add a CNAME to a subdomain, please proceed as follows:

- please log in to your account

- click under Domains -> My domains then click on the name of the domain to be configured





In the DNS settings, please click on "Edit" in the line of the subdomain which has to be edited.

If the desired subdomain does not exist, you have to create it.


Create CNAME

In the following dialog box, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the section "CNAME"

  2. please check the box for CNAME (please pay attention to the instructions)

  3. only then will the text field for entering the CNAME become visible.

    Please enter the desired CNAME.

  4. If the CNAME has been stored, please save the configuration.


Further information

A host name must be specified as CNAME.

There is only a check of the syntax. The functionality of CNAME forwarding, however, is not tested in the syntactic check.

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