How can I configure a URL forwarding?

Choose domain

To configure URL forwarding or DNS forwarding (URL forwarding) for a domain, log in to your Moniker account.

First click on Domains -> My Domains on the left and then in the overview directly on the respective domain.


Here scroll down to the "Subdomain overview" section and click the edit button for the domain or subdomain you want to redirect.
Now scroll to the "Web settings" section and select the option "Redirect". Then decide on the type of forwarding you want to choose and enter the target URL. When the URL has been entered click "Save changes".


Please note

It is not required to specify the target URL with the prefix "http://".

Our system only checks the validity of the syntax. The functionality of the target URL is not tested. Please check the functionality of the target URL in your web browser before you enter it.

Please note that changes need to be propagated via DNS, this can take up to eight hours.

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