How can I accept a transfer from another Moniker account? (Accept Domainpush)

Accept Domain Push

If the Domain Push from another Moniker account to your account has been initiated successfully, the status of the domain in the target account is labelled .




In order to accept the domain push choose the domain with a right click and accept the incoming push.



The confirmation of a successful transfer is shown in the account.



Please note:

The icon will be shown until the recipient has accepted or rejected the domain push or until the initiator of the domain push has revoked the process.

  • The domain push is free of charge.
  • A domain push does not change the DNS of a domain.
  • The WHOIS data is not automatically updated because of a domain push.
  • Webspace or mailspace packages that are connected with the domain are not transferred when performing a domain push.
  • A transfer of existing webspace or mailspace packages to another Moniker customer account is generally not possible.
  • Existing e-mail and FTP accounts must be deleted in the original account und must be recreated in the target account.
  • Please make sure that you backup the e-mails of your e-mail account and the web content prior to this.
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