Will there be any downtime during a transfer?

We do NOT automatically change any nameservers os a domain once it is transferred, so all domains arrive in our system with the nameservers they had prior to transfer. If you are planning to continue using the same hosting as before the transfer, and that hosting account remains active, it will continue to work once the domain is transferred into our system.

If you are planning to continue to use external hosting (nameservers other than ours), then any DNS records will needed to be added at the provider of these nameservers, not in our dashboard. Using external nameservers deactivates our DNS management.

If you had DNS settings at your old registrar which you still want to use, you will need to migrate them and set those up in your Moniker dashboard. First, update the nameservers to ours by clicking on update nameservers on your domain's page, then back on the domain's main page, click on manage DNS records to access the dashboard where you can update the DNS records. If you are not sure how to add the records, let us know and we're happy to help.