How do I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password or just want to update it, you can request a password reset email here

You can also access the password reset page by clicking the 'LOGIN' button at the upper right corner of the Moniker homepage, then clicking 'Forgot my password' link


If you are not receiving the password reset email

The system can only send password reset emails to the account login email address saved. If you are trying to reset your password and you are not receiving the password reset emails, please check your spam folder. If nothing is there, it's possible you're not using the right email address, or there is a typo in the login email address saved in our system.

You can check previous payment invoices for the saved login email address. It is also shown on your registration email, and all notifications are sent to that address, as well as to your account contact email address.

If you are not able to find the correct login email address or that account is not valid or active, please send an email to or please contact our Live Chat (we are available 24x7).


Changing your password if you can login to your account

If you are able to login in to your Internetbs account, do so, then click on the button 'My Account', then ' Account Security', and here you can change the account password.

Note: On this page you can also set up two-step verification for your account to provide additional security.