What is the Treasury?

What is the Treasury on Moniker and how do I use and access it? What requirements are needed?

The Treasury is a feature available in your Moniker account focused on security. It is a folder where you can keep your domain names secure that sits alongside your other folders in the folder tab under My Domains section. Domains can be added to the Treasury, but will require a 2-Factor Authentification confirmation to make any changes. All domains added into the Treasury are highlighted so you can differentiate them from other domains. 2-Factor Authentication needs to be enabled in order to use the Treasury. 


Are bulk operations available for the domains in the Treasury? 

Yes, bulk operations are allowed in the Treasury. However, we will request for two-factor authentication if there is one domain from the secure folder in the list of selected ones. 


How do domain transfers work with Treasury? 

Requests to transfer domains that are in the Treasury are automatically rejected. Therefore, you need to remove the domain from the Treasury first to transfer it.